A 3 days tour from Fes to Merzouga, with Our Real Morocco, offers an incredible journey through the heart of Morocco, showcasing its diverse landscapes, rich culture, and vibrant history. Here’s a detailed itinerary for this unforgettable adventure. Begin your journey early in the morning from Fes, a city known for its ancient medina and vibrant traditional markets.

3 Days Tour From Fes to Merzouga

Your first stop in this 3 days tour from Fes to Merzouga is the town of Ifrane, often referred to as the Switzerland of Morocco due to its Alpine-style architecture and clean, well-kept streets. Take a short break to enjoy the scenery and snap some photos. Continue to Azrou, a Berber town known for its cedar forests. If you’re lucky, you might spot some Barbary macaque monkeys.

Stop in Midelt for lunch. This town is nestled between the Middle Atlas and High Atlas mountains and offers a peaceful respite with its scenic surroundings. After lunch, drive through the breathtaking Ziz Valley, famous for its lush date palms and picturesque beautiful fortified homes.

Arrive in Erfoud, known, in this 3 days tour from Fes to Merzouga, as the gate to the Sahara desert. It’s a great place to learn about the local fossil industry and the town’s history. Continue to Merzouga, the gateway to the stunning Erg Chebbi sand dunes. These towering dunes can reach up to 150 meters in height.

Experience a camel trek into the desert as the sun begins to set, providing an unforgettable journey across the golden sands. Arrive at your desert camp, where you’ll enjoy a traditional Moroccan dinner under the stars, accompanied by Berber music and storytelling. Spend the night in a comfortable tent, surrounded by the tranquility of the desert.

On the second day of this 3 days tour from Fes to Merzouga, wake up early to witness the breathtaking sunrise over the sand dunes, a truly magical experience. Enjoy a traditional Berber breakfast at the camp. Spend the morning exploring the dunes. You can try sandboarding, take a 4×4 tour, or visit a nearby nomadic village to learn about the lifestyle and traditions of the desert dwellers.

Visit Khamlia, a village inhabited by the Gnawa people, descendants of former slaves brought from sub-Saharan Africa. Enjoy their unique music and dance, which is an integral part of their cultural heritage. Head to Rissani, the birthplace of the Alaouite dynasty, which currently rules Morocco. Explore the local traditional market, which is particularly lively.

This 3 days tour from Fes to Merzouga is also an opportunity to visit the ancient ruins of Sijilmassa, a once-thriving caravan trading post. Return to your desert camp for another night under the stars. Enjoy dinner and more traditional music, reflecting on the day’s adventures.

After breakfast on the final day of this 3 days tour from Fes to Merzouga, bid farewell to the desert and begin your journey back to Fes. Enjoy the scenic drive through the Middle Atlas Mountains, with stops along the way to stretch and take in the breathtaking views. Arrive back in Fes in the late afternoon or early evening. You’ll have time to rest and reflect on your incredible desert adventure.

This 3 days tour from Fes to Merzouga offers a perfect blend of adventure, culture, and natural beauty, leaving you with unforgettable memories of Morocco’s stunning landscapes and rich traditions. It is more than just a journey, but an immersive experience that connects you deeply with the heart and soul of Morocco.

From the cool, alpine-like atmosphere of Ifrane to the serene beauty of the cedar forests in Azrou, and the dramatic landscapes of the Ziz Valley, each moment offers a new facet of Morocco’s diverse environment. The highlight, undoubtedly, is the magical experience of the Sahara Desert.

The thrill of a camel trek at sunset, the serene silence of the vast dunes, and the warm hospitality at a traditional Berber camp create memories that last a lifetime since this 3 days tour from Fes to Merzouga. Exploring local villages like Khamlia and Rissani adds a rich cultural dimension, giving insight into the history and traditions of the desert people.

Returning to Fes, you carry with you not just photographs but stories and experiences of a journey that traverses time and space, from ancient trading routes to the modern-day charm of Moroccan hospitality. This tour is a perfect encapsulation of Morocco’s enchanting allure, blending natural wonders, cultural treasures, and unforgettable adventures into a compact yet comprehensive travel experience.