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Welcome in a Cooking Class Experience For an authentic Moroccan experience.  join a Marrakesh chef in her home to choose and prepare a meal together. After your breakfast in your hotel or Riad our driver will pick up you at 9h am to drive you directly to meet the Moroccan family in Marrakesh.

Before starting the cooking class, the Moroccan family will serve you welcoming tea and Moroccan cookies made at home.  You cannot find these cookies in most Moroccan shops. After tea with the family, the chef (the mother) will choose a menu with you and then take you for a walk to the local food market/

This is where you can experience shopping with neighborhood people. Together you will bargain and purchase what is needed for your menu. Then back to the apartment’s kitchen, you will participate in preparing your chosen dishes. Then, you will enjoy the wonderful meal that you have helped to prepare.

Far from modern shopping malls, you will go with your driver to a pleasant neighborhood with its local market. There you will choose the dishes to prepare, shop in the neighborhood market, and cook with a Moroccan chef in her family’s apartment.

You will experience the real Morocco, with total safety and pleasure. The cooking class can easily be included in your trip to Morocco or scheduled separately. Ultimately, we will drive you back to your Riad, for rest and preparation to your next adventure.

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  • Susan Brink
    Posted August 3, 2019 at 8:51 pm

    This cooking class is such a great experience. You can get to see the real “today” Morocco. Spending time in a local neighborhood market is really fun, especially since the woman of the household shops there eveyday. The stall keepers are friendly and welcoming. The dishes you prepare with her are of your choice. We made a couple moroccan salads, a fish tagine, a lamb tagine, and a vegetable couscous plus a great seffa and pudding for dessert. This is definitely one of our days to remember. Don’t miss this.

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